Jai Dee Thai Slon

Body and mind are connected together.The balancing beetwen both of them is the foundation of " Life Happiness "

Traditional Thai Massage

                         Relax the mind

                  Renew the body

              Refres the soul

           The founder of Thai massage and medicine is said to have been  Shivago  Komarpaj  Who is said in the pali Buddha's physician over 2,500 years ago,He is noted in ancient documents for his extraordinary medical skills,his knowledge of herbal medicine,and for having  treated important people of this day, including the Buddha himself. In fact, the historyof  Thai massage is more complex than this legend of a single founder  would suggest. Thai massage,like Thai traditional medicine  {TTM} more generally ,is a combination of influences  from Indian, Chinese, southeast Asian cultural spherea,and traditions of medicine,and the art  as  it  is  practiced today is  likely to be the product of a 19 th - century  synthesis of  various healing traditionas from all over the Kingdom. Even today , there is considerable variation  from region to region across Thailand,and no single routine or theoretical framework that is Universally accepted among healers. 


                             What are the benefits of Thai Massage?.

Thai massage has many benefits for the individual.It uses the gentle pressure on energy lines and the yoga-like stretching to relax the Whole  body on a deeper level.Deep relaxtion has been shown to promote a deeper, more restorative night's sleep as well.This deeper sleep allows the body to heal itself physical,and let you feel more refreshed upon awakening.

Thai Massage is a particularly good treatment for anyone in early recovery, but there are also plenty of general health benefits such as:

                                         Improved blood circulation

                                         Improved digestion

                                         Increased flexibility

                                         Improved range motions

                                         Release of muscle tension


What Is Aromatherapy Massage?.

Aromarherapy Massage

People have been practicing massage for at least four millennia. Massage was introduced to the United States almost 200 years ago and has grown in popularity in recent decdes.Researchers have found that massage therapy sends calming and healing singnals throughout the body,triggering a wide variety of positive changes. Massage can affect all body systems,  but primarily stimulates the circulatory,nervous, lymphatic,and musculoskeletal systems. Aromatherapy may be an even older from of treatment, ranging back almost 6,000 years.The Ancient Egyptians, Chinese,Indians,Romans, and Greeks used aromatic oils for healing,as perfumes, and in religious ceremonies.Over the last century, scientists have demonstrated the healing qualities of many essential oils,In World War I , practitioners used theses compounds to treat burns,wounds, infections, and even gangrene.In addition to physical healing, essential oils offer many personal and psychological benefits.

What is Thai Herbal Massage?.

Herbal massage

Thai herbal massage has used for millennium in Thailand to relieve tired minds and sore bodies.The  heated parcels of aromatic herbs and spices,were originally used by Thai women to relieve childbirth pains.Today ,Thai herbal are making a comeback among working women who use it primarily for relaxation.A growing number of world- class spas now offer the treatment praised by international movie stars for its healing properties.


Benefits of Thai Herbal Massage

Thai Herbal Massage is a compound composed of almost a dozen natural herbal with Multiple medicinal properties-including anti - bacterial,anti - inflammatory, antioxidant, and astringent.These healthy properties help stimulate and relax the body.improve blood circulation, reduce swelling, relieve pain,stress and tension, and heal various conditions.

What happens during a hot stone massage?.

Hot stone massage

A hot stone massage is a type of massage therapy. It's used to help you relax and ease tense muscles and damaged soft tissues throughout your body.

            Benefits of hot stone massage.

1.Helps relieve muscle tension and pain.

2.Reduces stress and anxiety.

3.Promotes sleep.

4.May help relieve symptoms of autoimmune diseases.

5.May help decrease cancer symptoms.

6.May boost immunity.

A hot stone massage may not be appropriate for everyone and any concerns should be raised with either the masseur or a healthcare professional.


Breaks in the skin.

Infection or illness.

Heart disease.


Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


Getting the most from a massage.

Foot Massage How Important?.

Reflexology massage

Foot massage has been practiced in many cultures for centuries to promote healthy and well - being, Today, massage is considered a complementary and alternative medicine used by millions to relieve pain, reduce stress and anxiety, rehabilitate injuries and boost general health.The practice of foot reflexology massage involves applying pressure to specific points on the feet in order to affect various parts of the body.

   Benefits of foot massage

1.Promotes Better Sleep

2.Improves Blood Circulation

3.Helps You Relax

4.Fights Depression

5.Relieves Aches and Pains

6.Makes feet Healthier

Although our feet do a lot of work,they are the least pampered part of our body.To pamper your feet and keep them strong and flexible,a daily foot massage of a few minutes will be enough.